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Below is my Shopping list for the Electricity Merit Badge kits:
Compass set for showing magnetic fields generated by electromagnets:

Bar Magnets for demonstrating magnetic polar attraction and repulsion:

AA Battery Holders for powering light circuits and other projects:

Knife Switches for controlling light circuits and other projects:

Bulb Holders for light circuits:

Light Bulbs for light circuits (you may want multiple packs):

Bell Wire for making electromagnets, motors, coils, etc. (One roll lasts for many projects.)

Carpenter Pencils for making Rheostats. (Cut or carve off the top wood layer to uncover a large flat area of graphite.)

Electronic Bell for demonstration and illustration of how a DC bell works. (Great description of operation included with bell.)

Solid Hook Up Wire -- also used in my Electronics Merit Badge kit. (You just need one box for both merit badge kits.)

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